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Goal: ₹8,50,000.00| Raised: ₹ 1200.00

Appeal to support IMDAD ALLI SHA for Kidney Operation (Kidney Transfer) (Both Kidney Fail) 

IMADA ALLI SHA 43 years old is suffering from severe chest pain, breathing problem and need immediate kidney transfer as both kidney is failure from last 1 years, as he had a heart attack earlier in 2020, since then he is on medication, finally he visit hi-tech hospital for treatment in 2021 at end stage and doctor recommendation for higher treatment and better result to AMRI hospital at Bhubaneswar, now he is in under observation and dingoes at AMRI for final kidney transfer as soon as possible time. One of Family member agree to donate the kidney but operation cost is Rs. 7,00,000.00, (7LKH) family member are now trying to arranging money as soon as possible.

Imada Alli Sha originally belongs from Odisha. He is living in small village Gop, Puri, Odisha, 5 Sister, One Brother and Mother, Father is passed way in 1994 after his father he is only hope and income source for his family. His income has reduced after this weakness and seek and weakness of health and now not able to support medical expenses for his final kidney operation. He is very much worried if something happens to him then, there is no one capable to take care of his family. He is very much worried about his health, brother, sister, and family. Therefore, he is looking for medical support.

After operation also be unable to hard work anymore in his entire life. He is still single as family member trying to get married but after they known all this medical and health issue no one are interest to be a life partner anymore. As muslim may ALLAHA blessing him if he die with SUNNA in future.

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