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Maharashtra Flood Relief 2021(Part-4):

Maharashtra Flood Relief 2021(Part-4)

Maharashtra Flood Relief2021(Part-4), The OMDC team is on the ground in Flood affected areas of Maharashtra and helping the flood victims. The team is providing the flood victims essential commodities for survival including food bags, water, and other required material. We appreciate and thank the volunteers who are serving these flood victims in harsh conditions of weather as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. May GOD accept their services and reward them and their families. We also thank our donors without their support and donations we would not have been able to provide relief efforts. May GOD accept their donations and reward them and their families with good health and prosperity. There is a huge need and we need your support and donations to reach out to more beneficiaries. Please donate generously online on the website or send by mail to

To participate in this project please donate online at

Best Regards,

Organization For Management And Development Centre

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