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Self Employment Support at Kolkata

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Self Employment Support at Kolkata

Self-Employment Support at Kolkata, the OMDC has helped four individuals for self-employment through pushcart business. We have provided these individuals a new pushcart loaded full of vegetables and weighing balance so that they can go into the streets and sell the vegetables and make the money also provided some seed money to buy more vegetables. This is a good opportunity for them to earn the money on daily basis and take care of their families. May GOD give them befit and make their business successful. We thank our donors for their generous support and contributions. May GOD accept their donations and reward them and their family with good health and prosperity.

To support each individual we need ₹15,000.00 to sponsor this type of business. Please sponsor at least one family with your donation of ₹15,000.00. I hope this amount is not very bog and affordable to each and every person. Please donate generously online on the website or send by mail to

To participate in this project please donate online at

Best Regards,

Organization For Management And Development Centre

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