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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Submersible Pump for Drinking Water at Zukhrai, Odisha:

Submersible Pump for Drinking Water at Village: Zukhrai, Odisha, One of the Objectives of the OMDC is to provide safe and clean drinking water to the villagers and slums area people. The OMDC has installed recently a submersible pump at the village: Zukhrai, Odisha. The villagers were very much happy to have such a facility to take the drinking water easily. They made lots of pray for the people who contributed and supported this project. The donors will get the rewards for every sip of water the people drink and thank GOD. This is a noble initiative and allows donors to receive continuous rewards. The cost of one unit to install the water facility is just ₹80,000.00 but the rewards will be for life long. To participate in this project please donate online at

Best Regards,

Organization For Management And Development Centre

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Mahammed Allam
Mahammed Allam
Sep 18, 2021


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